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How to create a trader account on Public Exchange

How to buy FirstCoin from Exchange and send them to your backoffice wallet and buy your pack

The purpose of FirstCoin Foundation is to promote and spread the FirstCoin cryptocurrency.

FirstCoin is the first network that uses its currency exclusively and has a currency exchange program.

We feel that the Firstcoin project has enormous opportunities.

Unlike most similar projects, this is the first project where the primary aspect is the currency value.



The evolution of Firstcoin is guaranteed by the fact that large amounts of coins are provided exclusively through exchange sites.

Only small quantities are available through mining.

The vision is to increase the initial value of coins by increasing the volume of trade and making sure, of course, that there are more buyers than sellers.

The company that manages the Firstcoin project has mining rights, and in order to divulge Firstcoin, it offers loyalty coins in exchange for your support in network development and the community.

The goal of the Society, also pursued by our Foundation, is to broadly spread Firstcoin and to have more and more people participating in the program.

It is important to know that:

FirstCoin is a real cryptocurrency that respects all 5 checkpoints that make it a cryptovalue.

  • Available on an official exchange of coins
  • Available in blockchain explorer
  • Listed on
  • Has a public wallet
  • Public source code

It is equally necessary to understand that all the FirsCoin ecosystem is based solely on its own currency.

Any package sold, commission for network or reward takes place in FirstCoin.

Company Sections

  • FisrtCoin new generation digital currency inspired by Bitcoin’s success. FirstCoin is an alternative digital currency that differs from Bitcoin, characterized by faster transactions. FirstCoin is already present on the exchange sites.

firstcoin criptovaluta

  • Eco Sharing business goal is to use FirstCoin to coordinate and support startups that have great potential.
    firstcoin italia eco sharing
  • ATM supports a startup that operates an ATM network and will make it possible to buy or sell FirstCoin and other digital currencies through the ATM
    firstcoin italia ATM
  • Education specific training material for dissemination and information on criptocurrency that represent the future of finances
    firstcoin italia educazione
  • Community by joining the FirstCoin Club network can be part of the success story of the new crypto coin. Disclosing the Club offers rewards. Obviously more than one club member helps to spread the club, the more it will be rewarded.

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Join Now for FREE in FirstCoin Club!