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Why FirstCoin

Why choose FirstCoin?

Differences between firstcoin and other networks.

Basically, there are two types of criptocurrency network.

The first is where a company sells its coins to its customers and when customers want to sell them, if they can do so, they can try to do it on an official exchange site.

But, even if possible, there may not be enough buyers to buy directly from the company, not in the exchange site.

However, people can only sell on the exchange site, and since there are more sellers than buyers, the exchange rate will fall.

This happens every day, this process is present for many networks on cryptovalutes.

On other project projects, it is not really possible to sell them, except in the company itself, with limitations, or you have to wait for a future launch on the markets.

And hope it happens.

FirstCoin has reversed all this process. The company does not sell coins.

FirstCoins can only be purchased on exchange sites.

After that, you can deposit to the FirstCoins club for 183 days by purchasing one of the packs made available by the company.

Obviously buyers will receive rewards. This motivates members to keep their coins and to spread the project.

In addition, this limits the number of FirstCoins for sale on the exchange, and since there will be more buyers than sellers, the exchange rate will increase.

If we compare the two strategies, it is not difficult to understand what the winning one is.

why these companies do not accept their own coins as forms of payment?

This means you cannot join a specific project and pay them using their own coins.

No, this is something they do not allow! Or, why is it that most coin company only promises to be listed on the exchange?

In comparison, FirstCoin launched in March of 2017 and was already listed on the Livecoin exchange from day 1.

And why is being listed on the exchange especially important for FirstCoin?

Or why is it that you can only become a FirstCoin club member by depositing FirstCoin, its own currency, into the club? Because we trust and believe in our own crypto currency.

Think about this.

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